Components of physical fitness ,Endurance, Strength, Speed, Flexibility, coordinative ability. It’s meaning, definitions and types.and methods to improve endurance, Strength, Speed, flexibility and coordinative ability. ENDURANCE, basic endurance, general endurance, specific endurance, Speed endurance, short-term endurance or anaerobic endurance, middle term endurance, long term endurance or aerobic endurance and methods to develop endurance continues methods ,slow pace continuous method, fast pace continuous method and variable pace continuous method. interval training method, slow extensive interval training method, fast or intensive interval training method. Speed reaction ability, Speed of movement or movement speed, acceleration, Speed endurance, locomotive ability . Flexibility ,passive flexibility, active flexibility, static flexibility, dynamic flexibility. coordinative ability orientation ability, coupling ability, reaction ability, balance ability, rhythm ability, adaptation ability, differentiation ability .strength,static strength, dynamic strength, maximum strength, explosive strength, Strength endurance, isotonic, isometric and isokinetic strength